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    Default Dragonlance Total War

    I know I posted this idea right around when RTW was brand new, it was fairly well recieved, but since I know nothing about modding, or even organizing a mod team it kind of fell through. Now, However, I have more free time and would be willing to organize a mod based on the Dragonlance world. Mostly because I'd like to see a fantasy mod separate from Tolkien realm.

    Although I'd like to have this mod take place during the war of the lance, I've come to the conclusion that A.) there are significant restrictions in Modability, so dragons would be almost impossible, and B.) There are other equally interesting epochs that took place on Krynn even when dragons weren't around.

    I'm hoping this mod takes place right after The Cataclysm that nearly destroyed Krynn. The Cataclysm is perhaps the most significant phase in Krynn's history, it sunk land, and where land never used to be, rose from the Seas. It Also saw the departure of the gods (although not permanently) and the end of the Clerics (meaning NO healing unit types). This Tumultuous time in Ansalon's history would be very interesting to mod indeed.

    Here are the Factions (20 I think)

    Knights of Solamnia: Strong Infantry and good Heavy Cavalry although they'd be expensive to Maintain, large but weak Realm, think HRE or Seleucids.

    Neraka: At this point, the Dark Lady Takhisis is just starting to emass her forces (which would lead up to the War of the Lance) some 300 years later. Starting they'd have relatively weak units, good spearmen and archers, later they'd have access to very good units, good heavy infantry and Cavalry... perhaps if moddability gets better even Draconians. Also they'd have access to REALLY good mercenaries that no other faction would have.

    Nordmaar: A realm that was formally in the Sphere of Solamnian Protection, but now they are on their own. Nordmaar is composed of both swamp and jungle, and would have relatively good light infantry, cavalry, and skirmishers... but relatively little heavy units.

    Mountain Dwarves(Non-Playable Faction): At this point in History the Mountain Dwarves have reclused to the impenetrable stronghold of Thorbardin, there may be a few Mountain Dwarves that may strike out on their own, but this would be highly unlikely, possibly hireable as mercenaries... The Best Heavy Infantry in the Game.

    Hill Dwarves: These Dwarves struck out on their own during the aftermath of the Dwarfgate Wars. The Hill Dwarves hate the Mountain Dwarves almost as much as their Disgusting Gully Dwarf Counterparts (Gully Dwarves will not be a faction, maybe a type of plague though ) Hill Dwarves have good Infantry and Spearmen, but have overall lackluster Cavalry, as most dwarves hate (and some) are deathly allergic to horses. Hill Dwarf Cavalry would consist of Small Furry Dwarves on small Furry Ponies.

    Abanasinia: This would be a faction similar to Pontus. Although in reality it was a loose confederation of Towns (for all those modders, Solace Would not be necessary at this point) as it wasn't even a town known by just about anyone living outside of the region... no tree city is necessary. They'd have good militia units... low population and a mix of barbarian esque units (as plains barbarians shared the region).

    Duntollick: This region is in the far south, it is a cold and almost inhospitable land, only the fiercest and strongest survive. The Region is mostly made up of Plains and Ice Barbarians, but Centaur Mercenaries could be hireable. (probably non-playable)

    Khur: This a Barbarian Faction as well, but during this period was successful until it was taken by the Dragon Armies during the war of the lance. This faction would be almost exactly like Parthia.

    Kendermore (non-playable?) This is the homeland of the Kenders, although the Kenders are small (hobbit or halfling like) most young Kenders expirience a phenomenae known as Wonderlust, where a Kender will strike out from their homeland at around age 18 and will return 10-15 years later. Also the Kender are kleptomaniacs by nature, many Kenders are found in large groups (which could be a mercenary unit as a last ditch effort). Although most other civilized creatures hate the Kenders for the insatiable curiousity and lack of attention they are utterly fearless, and their hoopack staff is used as a sling, a hand to hand weapon, and when not seen can make a sound that scares many that are unused to hearing it.

    Ergoth: Once the largest empire in Ansalon (and perhaps the known world) Ergoth lost nearly everything during the Cataclysm, now situated on northern Ergoth and parts of southern ergoth, they look to their former enemies the Knights of Solamnia for Protection (Solamnian Mercenaries could be found in Ergothian Provinces), the Ergothians are dark skinned warriors famous for their sheer brutality in battle, they possess good Infantry and Spearmen.

    Minotaurs: The Minotaurs are Superior Warriors, who come from a Neighboring continent, but only have a small foothold of colonies on the Blood Sea Isles. They are shrewd merchants and cunning diplomats who are proud of their noble beginnings(imagine a race of Bullheaded Pro football players), they have Superior Spearmen, but lack Cavalry and have poor Missile Units (perhaps Mercenary Sea/Ocean Barbarians could fill this gap).

    Tyre: This Lawless City in Estwilde is home to just about every low life on Ansalon. large bandit esque armies composing of Archers/Skirmishers/Light Infantry Could be found here. (perhaps Non-Playable)

    Ogres: The Ogres were once the most beautiful and powerful race on the known planet, created by Takhisis herself. However during the Age of Dreams the Pantheon decided to curse Takhisis' race by making them stupid, and hulking with muscles (don't know why they didn't just make them stupid period) but the Ogres have fallen from Grace in the last 3000 years. Although they control both the areas of Kern and The New Coast and Daltigoth (the former Capital of Ergoth) The Ogres have the potential to be strong, as they are huge, but be warned, they do not breed like rabbits (like the Goblins do) Ogres however a rather straight forward in Battle, and expirienced units should be able to route them fairly easily.

    Silvanesti Elves: at this period in history the Silvanesti have sealed themselves from the rest of the world via a magical barrier protecting their entire region. As one who isn't familiar with Dragonlance might have guessed the Silvanesti Elves are very good magic users. The elves in Dragonlance are not flawless like they are in Middle Earth, and although the Silvanesti have great Archers and Swordsmen, and decent cavalry they aren't superior to that of other races. Most likely the introduction of a Silvanesti Elf Race will take place on the far southern end of the Island of Ergoth with the city of Silvamori (owned by House Mariner) on the exact opposite end of the Continent to the Silvanesti Homeland.

    Qualinesti Elves: The Qualinesti (or wood) Elves are reclusive, but are superior archers and good at hit and run tactics, The Qualinesti Elves are also good at magic but do not rely on it, unlike the silvanesti.

    Kaginesti Elves: The Wild Elves who inhabit Southern Ergoth are physically stronger then their more civilized Cousins the Qualinesti and Silvanesti. These Guys are essentially Barbarian Elves. They are good in the Forests and Snow, have good archers, but their light infantry shine above any others. They know almost no magic.

    Gnomes(non-playable): The Gnomes who inhabit Mount Nevermind Do not like venturing much further than that. Although they do have an active trading fleet (which is used for gathering essential components around Krynn) they would not make very good warriors. Instead Gnomish Siege Engines and Such could be found (although very seldomely) as mercenaries, Gnomish Weapons are bound to fail, but if they by chance work correctly can cause catastrophic damage to anyone on the opposite side.

    Tarsis: The small Tradecity of Tarsis located at the very south western edge of the map was one a bustling city owned by Istar. However after the Cataclysm, Tarsis become landlocked and poor. Playing as Istar would be challenging, local militia and archers could be good, but Hill Dwarf and Solamnian Mercenaries would probably form the Bulwark of any active Tarsinian Army.

    Eastern Trade Cities: Although in the books these two towns are Indepedent I.E. Flotsam and Balifor, Both of these Towns rely heavily on each other for protection. They have the potential to raise quite a bit of money, but could find themselves easy targets for Khur if they aren't wary, probably good Medium Cav, Spearmen, and Light Infantry.

    Kalaman: The Trade City of Kalaman is probably the 2nd or 3rd wealthiest city in Ansalon. Although they have a small selection of Kalaman native troops (mostly militia types) they would have access to a lot of good Mercs.

    As you may have noticed Mercenaries will have to play a Key Role in Dragonlance Total War. Other Merc Types will be: Mages (very few mages are loyal to anyone outside of their order, and generally not trusted by anyone outside of it), this will downplay the role of magic users (Mod Limits). Goblins and Hobgoblins, there are very few actual Goblin settlements people know of, however, they are found quite often amongst independent cities as mercenaries, Goblins are not evil by nature, but they looked down upon by almost every other race. Many Rebel Armies would compose of Goblins and Hobgoblins (as well as Ogres.)

    So heres my Suggestion, everything is open for change, but I'd like to keep it fairly accurate to the Dragonlance World.

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    Default Re: Dragonlance Total War

    Sounds like a well planned out mod, I hope it works out

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    Default Re: Dragonlance Total War

    Yes, I've spent quite a lot of time doing research, forming factions and the army compositions and stuff, the time period of this mod would allow a pretty free range of units and such as this is not covered very well by TSR. I don't want this thread or my efforts to go in vain. So I'll start posting around different forums and trying to build up a team.

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    Default Re: Dragonlance Total War

    Good luck, sounds like a good idea to me, I enjoyed reading Dragonlance books in my youth.
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    Default Re : Dragonlance Total War

    it is a big project, good luck!
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