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Thread: Refuge from Official Site seeks tech help!!

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    Default Refuge from Official Site seeks tech help!!

    I am new to the game and enjoy playing it except for bouts of lag during large battles. I tried asking for help on the official site but the moderators shut the thread down without helping me. Since when is asking for help on a game merit outright rudeness?

    Anyway, I have a P4-3.2gh extreme graphics with a 9800 pro ATI and 160g harddrive. This rig kicks on most graphically demanding games except this one. I tried to lower the video settings to the lowest level and I still get this damn lag.

    I am also trying to find out how to slow down the battle speed.

    Thank you for your help,


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    Default Re: Refuge from Official Site seeks tech help!!

    Hello Veresov, welcome to the Org

    We have a very thorough Tech-help forum, called the Apothecary:
    Moderator Kraellin runs the place; he and other members will be glad to help you smooth out any R:TW wrinkles you may have.

    Check out their 'tips & tweaks' stickie threads, they may have already addressed your issues. If not, start a new topic there, detailing what happens that bugs you, and as much detail about your machine as possible.

    Be well. Do good. Keep in touch.

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    Default Re: Refuge from Official Site seeks tech help!!

    Welcome Veresov/John

    Sorry, I can't help with your problem.


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