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Thread: patched AI no longer sieges properly?

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    Default patched AI no longer sieges properly?

    everytime i've had allies attacking with me in a siege, they don't use siege equipment, or even sap points. so that results in me attacking large cities and my ally running around and often getting killed by arrow towers.

    i'm sure, but not 100% this didnt happen in the unpatched version.

    similarly, everytime i've been on the defensive end of a siege, and the enemy sallies out, they mostly just stand there. i haven't seen them use or build sap points etc (i think i've seen them use a ram once or twice)

    but has anyone else noticed that the ai does not siege properly? (i think this was handled better in the unpatched)

    so basically, attacking/sieging a city with anything other than one army piece is useless...

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    Default Re: patched AI no longer sieges properly?

    I don't think theres much of a difference between the patched and unpatched version of the game as far as siege warfare goes.

    If you don't want to see your allies get shot up try to deploy to thier favour. If I'm right when you deploy for an assault you see your allies forces first and you can pick a corner thats closest to them. They only show up if they are laying siege too, if they are just standing next to the city they will be reenforcments.
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    Exclamation Re: patched AI no longer sieges properly?

    personally, i'm the machiavellian type. only reason i'd want to join an ally in a siege is to take the city out from under him, and ALSO deplete his silly army at our enemy's expense. (and the best way to do that is drop a few ladders on the far side of your ally and watch his men get mauled enroute to pick them up.)

    The sally thing is annoying, but i have zero issue with that cause it's a free siege turn for me.
    • don't know about the rest of you, but if i'd been coding the siege AI i'd have gotten the defenders to hug the plaza and leave the towers to fend for many times have YOU defended the plaza with 8 peasant units against horrible odds?
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