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Thread: How do I get the transparency back into .dds files?

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    Default How do I get the transparency back into .dds files?

    I did some changes to a few skins, but now when I use them in battle, big chunks of white show up around different parts of the unit, such as the helmet plume. I know that this is because of the changes that I made, and I was wondering how to correct it.


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    Default Re: How do I get the transparency back into .dds files?

    When you save a DDS file, there are different sorts. DXRT3 and DXRT5( I think they are called!!! ) Only the 5 version supports alpha channels ( which make the parts transparent )

    In the plugin I use in Photoshop, there is a check box to include or exclude the alpha channel. Make sure when you saved the file that:

    a) There was an alpha channel there as part of the file

    b) That the check-box for the save as DDS was set correctly.
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