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    Default manage a retinue

    Ok im not geeting how this works....I need some help on how to move them around and when, and does it really matter if i do?....sorry if this has been talked about but its hard to find some info at this site........thanks so much
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    Hi TheJian,

    Welcome to the ORG!

    You can move around the retinues by left-clicking the retinue cards (visible in the scroll) of a character, then (holding) and dragging them to another character's unit card.

    Characters involved in the retinue transfer MUST be in the same stack (in the field, cities or ships).

    Some duplicate retinues cannot be moved, as well as some retinues not compatible to other characters. If so, then the transfer won't work.

    Try it and if you other questions, feel free to ask.

    Oh and drop a line in the "Hail New Members" thread.

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    Default Re: manage a retinue

    Welcome to the org TheJian

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    Default Re: manage a retinue

    Ave TheJian;

    Actually, yes it does matter what ancillaries your 'family members' have.

    Simply put, ancillaries modify the stats of your 'FM's. Bad ancillaries degrade possibly good (over time) family members.

    Possible tip: if you see a 'Man of the Hour' or 'Suggested Groom' sort of pop-up, and he really has no obvious value, go ahead and accept him, then move him to more valuable 'FM's that HAVE bad retainers and collect all those nasty retainers onto him.

    A walk thru germany should take care of him (if you want him gone, lol!) or you can use him to create watchtowers/forts, or just keep him outside your major city and use him to clean up newly created 'FM's with bad added ancillaries.

    Personally, I subscribe to the 'there's no such thing as a bad family member' school of thought. YMMV, eh?

    Even when theyr'e really bad, they can be used against those nasty rebels. Sometimes this rehabilitates them into worthwhile characters, or at least removes them from contention. No matter what, they've served a purpose, eh?

    MiLady Frostbeastegg's manual (and thread) is really worth the read. Try the manual thread here on the guild.

    Happy Hunting!
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