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Thread: Mod Is ther 1 like this?..

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    Default Mod Is ther 1 like this?..

    I have MTW and the VI expantion,
    Just want to know if theres a mod so i can use the welsh in a full campaign,
    not the viking invasion, but In the other periods?

    if you could let me know what its called... "if it exists" it would make me real happy,

    With these mods, Do they over write a lot of files,
    I mean,
    If I install NTW or other mods will that mean that I cant play the origional game any more Unless i make a second instalation of it.
    I dont care about the Multiplayer aspect,
    I will continue to use Shogun for my multiplayer Battles
    But the campaign mode Is really Damn good in MTW.
    So i want to get Lots out of it,

    As i said details wuld be nice,
    Thanx for your time.

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    Default Re: Mod Is ther 1 like this?..

    They overwrite files, so yes, you will need a second installation.
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