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Thread: Medinet-Habu and the "Sea Peoples"

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    Default Medinet-Habu and the "Sea Peoples"

    i need a good site for history surrounding the early 12th c. BC site and history or of the Sea Peoples

    official journals would be greatly appreciated

    i cant log on to my school's resources

    8 page report due last thursday and im late and clueless as to what to write about
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    Default Re: Medinet-Habu and the "Sea Peoples"

    The Sea People would be a rather bad subject as so little has been written on it, it would become a lot of conjecture and your own ideas with little or no real basis. Of course if you have great skills in formulating yourself you could pull it off. I just advise something else, perhaps the Hittites, if you want to stay there, or the Minoans (whom some think might have become the Sea People after the eruption of Thera).
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    Default Re: Medinet-Habu and the "Sea Peoples"

    I don't think he gets the option to choose, but if he does, I suggest finding something about Amalek, to keep on the Egyptian theme.


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