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Thread: Loading screens (large images)

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    Default Loading screens (large images)

    Here are some of the loading screens

    I also have some pics of units, but their not finished, so you'll just have to wait and see.

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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    Are you going to add a quote or something like it has in RTW?

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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    The 4th and 5th are my favorite. As for the quotes, apart from a few from Mat and Rand, there aren't many memorable, unless you prove me wrong...

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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    err sorry myddral but those smybles look like the diseny logo....
    still great pics!!!!
    Now with transparent layers!

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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    The quotes are ready, they are numbering arounf 200-300... And many of them are quite good:)

    And I tihnk this loading screens are pretty ok;)
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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    They look very nice, very nice indeed.

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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    Nice pics, and as Andreas said - we've already added in quotes
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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    the green and brown ones look best... if we found some WoT artwork with like a landscape or something that would be nice too... these are nice but a tad simple you know?

    when I think of a loading screen I think of something you're going to be sitting and staring at while you just wait... so something that's fairly complex manages to hold the attention while you wait - whereas these after maybe two or three views I'll feel like I know every minute detail about them...

    would you mind if I checked around for some artwork and contacted the artists? I don't think anybody would have a problem with you using their work for a project with this amount of exposure... just include their name on the piece in a corner - should be good...
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    Default Re: Loading screens (large images)

    You could always use one of the books covers or book artwork as a loading screen as well if you wanted to spice it up. I know the majority of WoT fans hate the artwork in the book but I personally have no problem with it.

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    Default Re : Loading screens (large images)

    do you can use the covers?
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    Default Re: Re : Loading screens (large images)

    if not - we could consider some of the artwork in the RPG book - some of that is quite good... some crappy... some very good
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