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    Default Help against Egyptians

    Hey, my friends keep beating me. He has around 10 units of spearmen and behind archers. Ive lost to him several times and used several tactics like using horses going around the back, but that failed because his archers fired a hail of fire onto my horses and routed them.
    Can anyone help me?

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    Egypt are a difficult faction. If he constantly uses spearmen and archers, I would suggest you play as Egypt back at him. Get some chariot archers to fire on the spearmen. And some cavalry to go around the back secretly, two units if you have to.

    Otherwise you could get some archers and put them within range to shoot the spearmen but out of range from the archers. When he moves his archers forward, move your archers back a bit. This will bring his archers closer to you and you might get a cavalry chage in before he routs your cav.

    What faction do you regularly play against him as?
    What factions do you prefer?

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    I regulary play with Julli, greeks and selucid, but I prefer to be greeks.
    Last match I had, I hid my calvery in the woods and I got a charge into his archers but one of his spearmen turned around and routed my calvery.

    Basically this is his formation..

    * are archers
    - are spearmen


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    i also prefer the selucid faction i love there elephants and chariots

    i find the egyptions fairly easy i send my elephants to one side and crash through the middle of them

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    His spearmen tend to obliterate my elephants before they even thouch the archers.

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    Default Re: Help against Egyptians

    well your spartans playing as the greeks should kick his spearmens arse's!

    Play as greece.

    Get spartans, loads of creteans, onagers and greek cav,

    Send your spartans in head on to his spearmen. use your onagers and creteans to mask your approach (just fire at them) then use you greek cav to hit his spearmen in the back but only when they are shaken, wavering. as greek cav suck ass
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    Did he use any cavalry? If he brings desert cavalry, you can't beat him with a simple heavy cavalry flanking manouvre. Try using VERY strong, upgraded phalanx footmen and charge his front. If the footmen are winning over his footmen he might feel forced to try and flank you. If not, you can, when his footmen are pinned, bring chariots and/or elephants and cavalry around the flank to kill his archers and cavalry.
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    Default Re: Help against Egyptians

    Use phalanxes and tie his spearmen down and use militia cavalry to harass them, then send in your cavalry. Militia cavlary are expendable and can be trained in most settlements.
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    yea, try HA. maybe scythia.

    they can make quick work with spearmen- pepper them with arrows.

    ride down archers.

    and, if you manouever right, ride down the spearmen from behind.

    granted, his archers might/will cut you up, so charge home. try scythia, or maybe pontus. maybe even cataphract-archers.


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