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Thread: portugeese crash

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    Default portugeese crash

    installed stw and the patch and have a fully updated system win xp radeon 9800 pro and well when the portugees trader shows up if i select accept crash to desktop.whats wrong

    ps is their a search funstion on these forums?????

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    Default Re: portugeese crash

    Also whats the best stw mod out there.

    i cant find edit function

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    Default Re: portugeese crash

    I don't know about the search function, but the edit function comes when you become a member, it usually doesn't take too long.

    Maybe try compatibility mode for win 98? Most likely it is a corrupted install, but compatibility mode is quicker and easier to check, try compatiblity mode first then reinstall.

    To enter compatibility mode right click the icon that you launch the game from, select properties and then click the compatibility tab, check the box and select Windows 98 or 2000.

    Good Luck
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    Default Re: portugeese crash

    There is no internal search function, as it causes the forum software to crash (AFAIK).

    Use the Google box up top.

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    Default Re: portugeese crash

    try turning off the events movies.
    but i think they come before you accept

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    Default Re: portugeese crash

    There is an option (a checkbox) called "Throne Room" which you can uncheck. This will prevent the game from displaying the cutscene where an emissary comes through the sliding doors to present you with a communique (advisor on your left, geisha on your right, etc.). Instead, you will get a simple dialog box message which allows you to respond yes or no to an offer. While this is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing, if the cut to the Throne Room is causing the crash, you can avoid it by unchecking the "Throne Room" option under Options on the game menu.

    This assumes you are playing STW-MI. I'm not sure that disabling the Throne Room was an option in the original version of Shogun.
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    Default Re: portugeese crash

    Welcome to the .org! Dark11, is the problem solved now?

    Good luck in solving it, or glad you solved it!
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