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    Hi everyone out there, im new to this forum so hello to everyone first.

    Umm, im not too familiar with modding and skins and stuff, but i have an idea. Would it be possible to give the new peloponesian era spartan hoplite a breastplate, and can yoy make seleucid pikemen have hoplite helmets (they look cool)?

    thanks a bunch people.

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    By the "new" Spartan hoplite, you mean the one on the RTW website, right?

    Well, you can do that one really easily. If fact, you don't have to do it at all. The head on the new Spartan is essentially the same head as Macedonian Cavalry - who already wear a breastplate.

    (1) Use the unit_greek_heavy_cavalry model to start (that's the model for Macedonian cavalry - I think I remembered the name right).

    (2) Dismount the unit.

    (3) Add a shield from a hoplite model.

    (4) It already has a sword and spear, so no weapons modification is required.

    (5) Now just cut and paste the textures for the shield and the helmet crest from the new Spartan hoplite onto the Macedonian cavalry texture (rename the new texture), and you are there. It will look very close to the new Spartan, just with a breastplate.

    BTW, since Greek generals bodyguards use the same unit_greek_heavy_cavalry model as the Macedonian cavalry, there are already textures for Greeks, Macedonians, and Seleucids that can be modified.


    For your Seleucid pikemen question, sorry, changing heads is a little advanced for me. I would just use the entire hoplite model, and give it long spears. I've done that before, and it works out great.

    Just use the slave texture - it's pretty close to Seleucid colours.


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