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Thread: Problem with battles that could use assistance!!

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    Red face Problem with battles that could use assistance!!

    i have a problem with battles, before they actually start! recently my computer got over completely deleted, so i had to reinstall rtw. so i reinstalled it, and it worked fine...untill i got on the battle field. usually, when i go out on the field, i got a lil show of the general or captain boasting to the enemy with his men, and then i got to move my troops around to my liking. but now, when i do it, i dont get that chance, i jus go straight into battle. this gets terribly frustrating. i kinda thought at first, "well, maybe i should just go along with it to prove i can win." now it jus pisses me off. ive tried uninstalling it, deleting the rtw file, and getting all mods rid of, and it doesnt work. i still just go straight into battle before getting the chance to move my troops where i want them! i need them to be where i want them!!! HELP
    btw ive also looked at the support forums at, it helped nothing.
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    You need to ask this question at the Apothecary. I'm afraid that around here we only know how to fix things when we break them ourselves.
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