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    ive been meaning to get around to announcing this and what better time then now and have been working together to provide our community with a comprehensive stragity site in a fun and exciting, flashed based enviroment. We have have made and will contune to update our "how to" videos, showing ways to turn and other simple stragity for starters. there is a online tech tree for each religion... there is a buildings guide showing which building produce wich units, compleate with graphics and discriptions. We still continue to dedicate areas to the earlier versions of STW and MI. All links for clans and sites are active and both sites are updated often.

    in order to be more focused, is dedicated to clan based news and the current online campaign. is where you will find all of the helpful guides as well as "Ask Fucyuman"

    Whats that you say? this is the section of our ad-free ubb board that we use for online stragity. A place for veterns and first time patrons alike. Feel free to come by and ask your questions. We gaurentee you will get awnsers from experienced pros. Of course we have an open forum as well as others dedicated to stw and mi. This forum is also home of the online campaign. While your there you can check up on the latest news concerning the kings and lords of online play!

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    Excellent timing indeed

    Excellent site as well. Thumbs up for a job well done.
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    sorry wrong place

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