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Thread: Getting more generals?

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    Default Getting more generals?

    Is it just me, or is the rate of acquisition of new generals directly related to your rate of expansion? i.e., if you're expanding a lot, you'll get more new generals, and if you're not, you won't.

    I've always had the problem of too many territories with not enough governors, so lately I've been trying to hold back a bit on the expansion until my family tree got going a bit... but the tree never actually gets going until I get tired of waiting and start kicking some butt out in the field. Seems like it's been like that for several games for me, counting all involuntary methods (births, candidates for adoption, man-of-the-hour promotions, marriages to daughters).

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to mod it? I looked all over the data files and didn't find it.

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    Default Re: Getting more generals?

    When I lacked generals I used to bribe them.
    For example I have capital in Capua and no governer present in Alexandria instead of sending anyone from Capua I can bribe the nearest egyption general.
    Also it will help to solve your problem.

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    Default Re: Getting more generals?

    or send captain led stacks to get the man of the hour adoption , if you are lucky, it's a pretty random chance but if you have - like you said - much more territories than generals then you should have a good chance for MOTH.
    Also try and bribe, or jsut adopt everyone if you're really in need of governors.
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