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Thread: how do you make a new unit?

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    Default how do you make a new unit?

    Title explains issue.
    *leans on his sword verminfate*

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    Default Re: how do you make a new unit?

    is time for me to sleep

    it's a long explanation and i dont have time to do one tonight
    (is 1:30 am here)

    however it is not as hard as it looks

    Do you have a copy of Shogun? is easier to explain if you have a Shogun Bif to look at

    grab a copy of readbif from the downloads at,
    then have a look at some "units/men/xxx/xxx.bif" files

    they are 12 frames,
    cycle through frames to see what happens to the "characters"

    i have subscribed to this thread (i'll get daily email of replies)

    i will explain in more detail when i have time
    but there are others here who can also explain

    do not be afraid to "bump" this thread every other day
    (not every morning and afternoon)

    let me know when you have found the unit bif files and readbif and had a looksee

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    Default Re: how do you make a new unit?

    what is it called?
    *leans on his sword verminfate*

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    Default Re: how do you make a new unit?

    That post explains all...

    Now if someone would only answer my posts that I put up in the proper place...:)


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