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Thread: Red spears when editing?

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    Default Red spears when editing?

    im trying to make a unit that used to use a pike into a spear non- phalanx unit (like samites or auxilla) and in game the unit works but the spears red???? any idea how to fix it


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    Default Re: Red spears when editing?

    From where did you import the new spear?

    Probably a problem with UVW. You will have to edit the UVW map in 3dsmax and assign them to the appropriate spear graphic of your texture skin.

    Another way to do that is to use the skin of the original model whose spear you took and cut and paste the spear (make sure they're at the original model's spot) on your current model's skin. However, this would not be a good way if there's already another image on your current model on that particular spot.

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    Wow, cool! And you don't like those???

    Seriously, the problem is that your texture mapping is wrong.

    When you create (or borrow) a model, and you associate the model with a texture, the attributes of the model (arms, legs, armour, shields, and SPEARS) are mapped to different parts of the texture.

    Basically, the mapping tells the model where in the texture to look for the colours associated with that object.

    So what has happened here is that your new spear had an existing map that told it to look for colours in a part of the texture that was completely red. So you got red spears.

    To fix it, you need to either use a different texture, or fix the mapping with 3ds Max 7.

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    Default Re: Red spears when editing?

    alright i think i have a idea how to fix it now


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