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    when changing the charge does it make a big diffrence or not alot? say from 10 to 15

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    Are you talking about the cavalry charge bonus.

    Well aparantly it doesn't make as great an impact as changing the level of armour of the unit. Some people say this is a bug, but the best way to make your cavalry have a bigger punch is to give them heavier armour. The bonus does work though, but I'm not sure how much.

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    Personal Opinion:

    It seems that the "charge" attack bonus helps only briefly - in the first second or two of combat, if the unit is charging into the enemy.

    Immediately after, the charge attack bonus is meaningless, and the normal attack value takes over.

    If you have a unit with a charge attack bonus that is significant, then the usual strategy is to charge, disengage, and charge again.

    If the charge attack bonus is pretty low, then usually you just charge and leave them engaged.


    The reason why Myrddraal is correct that armour matters more is that armour ALWAYS counts, while the charge bonus is very temporary. So the unit gets more use out of superior armour than they do out of increased charge bonus - under most circumstances.


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