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Thread: King Kong 1933 version question

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    Default King Kong 1933 version question

    I am a big fan of this movie and any fans will know that there is quite a famous scene that was cut from the film due to terrifying audiences.

    The scene occurs when the rescue party attempt to go over a tree which acts as a bridge, Kong sees them and begins to shake the log and many fall into the valley below.

    The scene that was cut was the infamous spiders sequence with men falling into the valley with one being ripped apart by the spiders and another eaten by a lizard, the same lizard which travels up a vine that the hero, who escapes in a cliff crack cuts the vine with the creature falling back below.

    Now this is mainly to older members of the org who might have seen this film when in the 50's or 60's. Many people have claimed to see this sequence and i was wondering if anyone here has.

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    Default Re: King Kong 1933 version question

    Seems the scene(s) were in the novelization, and the storyboard, but not in any actual release of the film. This place has evidence:

    I remember the sailors falling into a web, or bunch of vines (it was unclear), then some off-camera screams, then back to the Kong action.
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    Default Re: King Kong 1933 version question

    I first viewed King Kong in the 60's, and many times since, but never have I seen or heard of the spiders.

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    Default Re: King Kong 1933 version question

    Well Ive been watching King Kong since the 50s. My son teasesme that nothing can make me cry other than the ending of that film When he says wasnt the palnes that killed him Twas beauty that killed the beast I tear up. That scene was never in it but there was a scene removed that has beenshown in later versions. Its when he first breaks through the gates . He goes around and stomps people under his feet. They cut that out until the 70s or 80s. They showed most of it but not the squishing parts.
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