Victory is near they flee from you only to pepper you as they run. You pursue them, then all around you they close in. "The horde of the Mongols is numberless. When one dies another springs up from hell whence they came." This is…

Khan: Total War

Khan: Total War is based on the Mongolian conquests of the 13th century, Stretching from Eastern Europe to the Strait of Japan you must conquer the map and prove you are worthy of the title, Great Khan.

-HogDog, Team Leader

Khan: Total War is looking for any one with skills in coding, skinning, map making, and modeling
To join visit our forums at the SCC here, Khan Total War forums

Current team members;
HogDog, Leader/Skinner/Modeler
ModderWannabe, Skinner
Zenith Darksea, Map Editor
Historians: Captain-Tiguris, Evil_Maniac From Mars, dark_shadow89, BenBen, Zat, therecanbeonlywar