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Thread: Battle for Greece: Total War

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    Default Battle for Greece: Total War

    For those of you silly enough to miss it, a mod is well into development covering the time when the greek city states were at war, at a time when men like Alexender and Darius forged out mighty empires, can you too? The team leader, is Butcher, sometimes known as Butcher003

    The map will extend from the heel of Italy, well down the nile, across to India, and to the middle of the Black Sea. We have a vast array of units for factions including Athens, Sparta and Persia- here are just a few

    We also have a few banners like this one for Crete-

    We have a forum those willing to join us
    And a website for all our screenshots and features, and a questionairre on you to tell us about our mod.

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    Question Re: Battle for Greece: Total War

    Super!!! but what separates you mod from the Hellenic total war 2 mod ???????????
    "…Birds of battle screech, the grey wolf howls, spears rattle, shield answers shaft. …Then many a thegn, laden in gold, buckled on his sword-belt. …The hollow shield called for bold men"s hands..."

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    we are going further afield (map size)


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