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Thread: Scythed chariots

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    Default Scythed chariots

    just wanted to say I love these things , the sights ,the sounds and the fear they cause can't get enough !!! they are great against cavalry I constantly kill the enemy general with them and charge the army from the rear !! Patrick

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    Have you encountered flaming arrows yet? Flaming arrows rout the scythed chariots pretty quickly. But if your enemy lacks flaming arrows... then scythed chariots are really effective killers. I once played a sally battle where enemy sallied, and after routing most of the enemy army I got a scythed chariots unit to block the path back into the settlement. They killed over 500 men with large unit size. On another occasion I used them to cover my right flank while I sent all my cavalry around the left flank, and they successfully held back several cavalry units and didn't rout until shortly before my cavalry could get there to support.
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    Yes I found that I like them more than Elephants ,Which I didn't think I was going too. I have found that I like to deploy them behind my lines on the flanks ,i try and keep them hidden but not always they are a great bait unit since the enemy hates them !! I also once used 3 unites 27 chariots in mass and it was quite effective .I want to try elephants next and then Cat's Patrick

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    I think that funny thing about chariots is that they have so low defence but because they shred most units to pieces the enemy don't even get to touch them, which is great against cavalry.
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    Default Re: Scythed chariots

    I like them very much too, I use them in my anti rome army which i call the:

    "Selucian Surprise Party"

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    My chariots soon fall to the fate of rampaging elephants...... stupid things.

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    Default Re: Scythed chariots

    dont really use them that much, as i prefer the might cataphract, but i could be missing out on something here so i will give them a go tonight

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    I have only really played single player, but I find that simply keeping troops in defence with archers firing at the chariots deals with them very well especially for greeks.

    Greeks just need to let them die before a Phalanx, Romans just need archers with infantry right behind them.

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    Default Re: Scythed chariots

    I can't say that I have used chariots in mp but in single player I use them as much as I can because I simply like the look of them and love the fear they strike into the hearts of men.

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    Default Re: Scythed chariots

    Absolutely hate them. Especially if they run amok. Then again, i'm not a big fan of chariots.

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    Default Re: Scythed chariots

    I just had an MP match where my Scythed Chariots ran amok and killed my allies' general. I have to give credit to the chap because he didn't complain.

    I like them as they prevent my enemy's cavalry from flanking my infantry/archers.
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    My favourite faction is the Seleucid Empire especially in multiplayer and I think that the seleucid Scythed chariots are amazing.
    However when playing against the Seleucids the chariots can be a thorn in your side unless you bring some decent archers. I also find that javelins are very effective against chariots. A good strategy when playing against the seleucids is using scythed chariots as Pontus as they will assist in crushing those amazing cataphracts that the seleucids have.
    However I beleive I am travelling off topic now so in conclusion Scythed chariots are amazing.


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