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Thread: Star Wars Episode III The Video Game

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    Default Star Wars Episode III The Video Game

    I am fixing to pick up my copy in a few days. I was wondering if anyone had played it yet. It looks like a veery fun game.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Episode III The Video Game

    Ouch. Not sure what kinda person this makes me, but I won't buy a game if gamespot doesn't at least give it an eight. (Well, there's been a few exceptions.)

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    Default Re: Star Wars Episode III The Video Game

    The general consensus I've seen is that Lego Star Wars is by far the better game.

    EPIII I haven't played, but the Gamepsot review is a pretty good summery of everything I've seen about it. I was actually fairly interested in this one; I was going to rent it. I've lost interest because I haven't read anything about it which makes me think it worth the £3.75 and however many hours.

    Having rented Lego Star Wars I can say that it's stupidly enjoyable, pure fun, and it has that "just one more level then I'll stop ..." feel. It is not just a children's game; hunting down all the secrets and obtaining Jedi Mastery on all levels is harder than just completing each level. It's a polished production, and it has that that feeling that the developers cared about the game they were making. There's also something very ... sick about seeing little Lego men being decapitated or smashed into their component parts. The animation deserves special mention; it's really something you need to see in action to appreciate. I was very, very dubious at first and only gave it a go because I saw so many people raving about it, but I'm glad I did. I wanna sequel!
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    Default Re: Star Wars Episode III The Video Game

    Actually so far have all Lego video games been great fun it seems. I loved the racer game for instance. It was pure fun, but this sounds like a twisted form of humour, taking something that is annoyingly 'cute' and putting it into 'to the death' combat. That equates in my head to the Rabbit of Doom.

    Anyway, I haven' tried Episode III, it looks good, but then again I haven't even read any reviews of it. Yesterday I was out looking for a new game and I stumbled over another Star Wars game, Star Wars: Republic Commando an FPS.
    I was almost scared of it as I hadn't read anything about it, and the description of it made it sound like some B-game with too much of a ambition (too many features to make it work, but worst sounded the squad based combat). But I bought it, spending in my mind too much money.

    Now that I have tried it it certainly has some flaws, but good graces it has great AI and especially your squad is quite intelligent, it is like having three other people like you running around with you. You are seriously stressed for the top killrate, I doubt I have made it when I'm with the squad. They are accurate, they are tough (tougher than you I think) and they are intelligent. The only main problem is that they tend to step into your line of fire when seeking cover or stepping otu of it to fire. Should a squadmember die you can revive him (hey he is a clone), and you can yourself be revived should you need it, so no more running around in the rear of the squad letting them take the shots.
    To help you even further you can actually command the squad to good positions, for sniping and/or heavy weapon attacks (and of course to bacta tanks when they are hurt), and you need it because the enemies are seriously tough! They don't go down by a few shots, even the battle droids are quite strong, and they are the weakest! And you don't want to face Super Battle Droids, those ones are nasty, in fact worse than Droidekas. I would at any time face three Droidekas than two Supers (and that is with the entire squad mind you).

    Initially I didn't like the idea that the squadmembers are special idividuals with destinct voices (yours is that of Jango) and behaviors, they are clones of the same guy after all. But with time they actually become quite likeable as they banter over the intercom and make "woot"s when popping an enemy. And the humour is fairly evolved at times, such as when you find lightsaber (and expect you can pick it up) your character nearly scoffs at it, with a comment guided towards a line in one of the movies regarding lightsabers. That really put a smile on my face.

    You can also set up ambushes with bombs, but only in special places where you are charged with protecting something important from attack.
    You are constantly running out of ammo, but sadly the game gives you full ammo every time you get to even just a weapon of same type.
    Sadly you can't lie down, but you can crouch at least not that I use it too much.
    You can blast open doors with a special procedure for the squad, after which a grenade is thrown in to clear the room, quite effective when masses of Battle Droids are waiting for you.

    But the game has a special feel about it, so don't buy it unless you are a bit openminded about Star Wars. Rent it first.
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