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Thread: Faction Drops Dead?

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    I was playing a new game (my first short campaign) as Julii for a couple hours the other day and things were tooling along when I suddenly got a message that I lost because my faction died out. WTF? I had at least 3 family members alive from two different generations in 3 different cities, none of which was under attack. Is there a time limit on this game or something? Or is the AI smart enough to try to assassinate an entire faction at once, and succeed?

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    Erm? Maybe you lost the short campaign because another faction got 15 provinces and defeated their enemies before you did?

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    I suppose that could be the case, but in the message advising of my loss it specifically said that all of my family members were dead.

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    Strange, maybe you should ask in the Colosseum and ask the mods to close this thread.


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