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    Default Battle map editor

    Hey, I can't figure out how to make terrain unpassible for troops. Can anyone help me.

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    Try the Luk Map Making....I think it could help....Or check other tools....
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    Luk Map is for campaign map, not battle map.

    i dont edit battle maps much, i think there are some tiles that are designated by game as unpassable - some of the rock ones

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    You can also add big invisibles buildings.

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    i still can't figure it out.

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    Hm water works nicely

    I think you can use some rock tile that will give same effect...not sure though


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    Download this mod where i made some maps. I made some tricks to make unpassable zones.
    If you go at the editor you will see the models i added for making the effect you are looking for:
    Metw Big inv wall
    Metw Empty
    (models used in Helm's Deep, Minas Tirith, Moria and Westfold)
    I have increased their size and then i made them invisible.
    If you are interested, i can explain you how to add your own invisibles buildings.
    It works rather well for me.


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