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Thread: Adding a new General

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    Default Adding a new General

    I want to add a new set of general ("early" and regular) bodyguard units to the Scipii faction. And only the Scipii faction. I want to leave the other Roman factions alone.

    I can't seem to figure it out.

    I can change/modify the generals for all Roman factions without problems - as long as I do them all.

    When I create a new bodyguard unit and try to assign it to just the Scipii, and remove the Scipii from the allowable factions of the existing bodyguards, it just ignores my changes.

    I figure there must be a "leader index" file someplace, telling the game what general bodyguard units to use for each faction.

    Is that right? Does anyone know what file that is?

    Or is there something I'm just missing?

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    Default Re: Adding a new General

    Could you please post here the entries for your new general units in export_descr_units and perhaps descr_model_battle?
    It sounds me strange, as I changed almost all the generals in game, except the roman ones, without problems.


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