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Thread: Ryuzoji - help please

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    Default Ryuzoji - help please

    I am updating the lists of Leaders, Heirs and Retainers for the next Update to the Shogun mod (also called Samurai)

    MY Research for the Ryuzoji clan has panned out

    so far I have the following Clan Leaders

    Ryuzoji Iekane 1454?-1546 - Good Warrior - Brave

    Ryuzoji Tanehisa
    Ryuzoji Tanehide 1524-1548 (son of Tanehisa)

    Ryuzoji Ienari (d.1582) (son of Tanehide)

    Ryuzoji Chikaie

    Ryuzoji Takanobu-1530-1584-ruthless-competent general-drinks a lot-(#1son of Chikaie)
    Ryuzoji Tanenobu (alt-1)
    Ryuzoji Takatane (alt-2)
    Ryuzoji Yamashiro (alt-3)
    Ryuzoji Engetsu (alt-4)
    Ryuzoji Hizen no Kuma (alt-5) (the Bear of Hizen) - scars?

    Ryuzoji Masaie 1556?-1607 - inept and overweight (#1son of Takanobu)

    Ryuzoji Ietane d.1593 (#2son of Takanobu)
    Egami Ietane (alt-1)
    Goto Ietane (alt-2)

    Ryuzoji Ienobu (#3son of Takanobu)

    Ryuzoji Nobuchika d.1608-administrator- (#2son of Chikaie)
    Ryuzoji Shinjiro (alt)

    Ryuzoji Nobukai (son of Nobuchika)

    Ryuzoji Naganobu d.1603- -(#3son of Chikaie)
    Ryuzoji Ienobu (alt-1)
    Taka Naganobu (alt-2)

    Ryuzoji Yasushige (son of Nagunobu)
    Taku Yasushige (alt)

    I need 40+ total for Kings/Heirs - there are 20 above including the alternate names
    They do need to be Ryuzoji names - but other names (like Taku Yasushige) will become Retainers

    what i am hunting down are dates of birth for all,
    other sons/ancestors of Ryuszoji's
    ALT names - other names person was known by

    Retainers - famous or ordinary,
    ALT names - other names person was known by

    any comments about exceptional leaders/heirs/retainers - even inept ones
    we dont need comments on all of them,
    just a few comments for Famous Kings section of names file
    and a few comments for Heroes

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    Default Re: Ryuzoji - help please


    Come on guys, we still need those names.

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