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    Post Persia Total war

    I am here to announce a project named persia total war this wont be just a campagin map it will be a Modification

    As you can tell by the name it will be set in the birth or decline of the persian empire the nations will be

    Greeks-(The Greek cities)

    The means im still wondering wich nation to use .
    there be some new units.

    I also am asking for some help
    so far its just me(because i just started the idea like 5 mins ago) i know how to make the campagin stuff and some 2d stuff but i still need some skiners ,2d artist ,animators and that it So I neeed some one with some mod expertise but if you dont have mod it ok i can set you up as a R&D guy or a website maker.AGIAN 'HELP WANTED'

    I almost got fourms up so i will edit this and put up the link

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    Got fourms up and should have a sketch of the campagin map coming soon

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    is this gonna be a historically based mod? Coz if it is, that selection of factions is very un-historical...

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    Change The Colours Man!!!!

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    Is this mod being held during the Achaemenid dynasty of the Persians? If so, then the timeline would be around 500BC. And yes, like shadow said, some of the factions you chose are historically innaccurate.

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    Welcome to the forums Legion, and good luck with the mod. I'd take the advice of these guys, there are many good historians who post here.

    And also welcome to avesta
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    I didn't know Hittites, Troyans and Seleucids lived in the same era ^^.

    Oh well, I guess you should add something such as the vikings, cause it would look good too.

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    I know for a fact that the Seleucid's did not happen till the Death of Alexander the Great in 322 BC.

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    Talking Re: Persia Total war

    I think this would be a cool mod if anyone was interested. But i think the faction slots should go like this:

    Persia/Parsa under Cyrus(forgot his real name, so will go with the greek ones )=Seleucids
    Babylonian Empire under Nabu-Naid=Greek_cities
    Egypt=Egypt(Wow that was hard)

    Thats all ive got for now!

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    I did notice that most of my history was way off but i looked into the persian empire history and i got this from a site

    630-553 BC: Zarathustra
    559-530 BC: Reign of Cyrus the Great
    559 BC: Cyrus the Great overthrows Astyages of Media
    546 BC: Persians conquer Lydia
    538 BC: Persians conquer Babylonia
    530-522 BC: Reign of Cambyses
    525 BC: Persians conquer Egypt
    522-521 BC: Civil War
    521-485 BC: Reign of Darius
    Reorganizes the government into satrapies.
    Builds an extensive system of roads.
    521-519 BC: The Empire is extended beyond the Indus River
    490 BC: Attempts to conquer the Greek mainland.Persian War Chronology
    485-465 BC:Reign of Xerxes
    480 BC: Makes a second attempt to conquer the mainland Greeks.Persian War Chronology
    465-338 BC: A Period of Imperial Decline
    465-424 BC: Reign of Artaxerxes I Longimanus
    424-404 BC: Reign of Xerxes II
    404-358 BC: Reign of Artaxerxes II Mnemon
    358-338 BC: Reign of Artaxerxes III Ochus
    336-330 BC: Reign of Darius Codomannus
    330 BC: Alexander the Great conquers the Persian EmpireRise of Macedonia Chronology

    Its not alot but it dose have some nations taht are historicly accuret so ill re make the Nations

    P:TW Will include
    Lydians-Pontus or Armarinia
    Spartans-Greek cities
    If you find some more nations between
    630bc and 330 bc in the persian area please tell me

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    Also Egypt will be in PTW too

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    Well i hate to put you down but i have already started a mod in progress called Persia Total War
    Official Forums are here
    You can make the mod still as you wish but ive already started but good luck to you.

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    legionx join Faeghi's mod because he has experience developing mods. Check over at the twcenter he's done a lotta skinning too. Overall a better mod would be made if you guys combine your talents.

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    Scence another person has started i have dibanded my mod ill mkae something diffrent


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