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Thread: HTW Total Music Experience!

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    Question HTW Total Music Experience!

    Hello all,

    I got pretty excited up with your mod, you have done a Man's job, sirs!
    All I can say is well done to all of you.

    On a sidenote, I downloaded and installed the music pack made by Reiksmarchal, and loved it.
    Then I decided to make my own from music taken by several other films.
    And then I had the idea of marrying both packs and making a full soundtrack of it. So I re-named all mp3 tracks (72 in total) as a pure movie soundtrack about HTW.

    My own music pack is around 175 Mb, and both music packs add to a total of more than 4 hours of music. If I can be allowed and if it acceptable by you and your team, I could upload the music somewhere for all the fans to enjoy.
    Only I need instructions to do that.

    Well, that's just a thought.
    Thanks for everything.
    Still loving playing HTW and fully enjoying it!


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    Default Re: HTW Total Music Experience!

    Go ahead we always support HTW upgrades.


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    Default Re: HTW Total Music Experience!

    Ok, thanks for the encouragement. Any idea where should I upload it?
    Can I send it to you somehow?
    I can always send it to you via snail mail, if you pass me an address in my e-mail address ( )


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    Sorry, you will have to find your own hosting.



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