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Thread: Help with modding.

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    Unhappy Help with modding.

    I need someone to tell me what exactly I need for Modding and places that will tell me how to do it. I want to know what I need to download, what i need to bye, and where to go to find out how to mod.

    General Tildor.

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    Default Re: Help with modding.

    Start here:

    (and good luck with your mod!)
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    Default Re: Help with modding.

    You should download the tools and check all the topics related to modding..

    Modding is fun but it's hard work!!!! I'm trying to add 5 new provinces and it gets the &*(^ out of me!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Help with modding.

    righto, Kull has shown you where to start

    once you have read that what else do you need?

    what do you want to do?

    which tools are "missing"?
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