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Thread: Negative starting treasuries

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    Default Negative starting treasuries

    I was probably going to be playing a game later this week and wondered if it's possible to start everyone on a negative tresury.

    My reasoning for this

    I love to play on very hard campaign dif along with huge units wich = more A.I. income. Where this really screws the dif up is the A.I. always spends more money on troops wich = population decrease.

    So quite often my milked to semi milked towns march all over the A.I.'s towns to minor cities wich have a population of less than 1000 in most cases.

    So in most cases taking out 1 to 2 armies in most cases allows me to romp all over that facton with very little attrition due to taking cities at overwheling odds.

    This method would hopefully prolong the longeveity of towns populations.
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    Default Re: Negative starting treasuries

    You could have descr_strat.txt link to a startup script that says "console_command add_money -XXX". As an added bonus, this would work no matter what faction you started as.

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