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    hello i'm new here and from what i have seen from the mod so far it looks like its going to be great. I also have a few questions. Do you know when the mod will be released or will it come out in its own time and is there a faction list? map when i first saw this i though it was just a normal old mod but its expands all the way to india.

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    EB is more than any other rtw-mod, as far as i see. not just the map. but also the depiction of all campaign related issues and military is revamped. all units are reskinned. REB or EBTW (whatever) is the most complete 'conversion' i've seen so far.

    the map will be extended to the indus river ( as far as alexander went) en south into africa.

    for mor einfo check the weekly news thread, or the "the lost art of keeping a secret"


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