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    When changing existing factions to a completely different faction (i.e. changing romans_julii to Kings_of_Leon), that is all done in strat.txt/shared.txt/expanded.txt, according to the faction renaming tutorials I've read.

    So, when editting the descr_strat.txt file, does that mean I need to leave the highlighted text below as is for things to work?
    ; start of factions section

    faction romans_julii, comfortable caesar
    denari 5000
    level large_town
    region Etruria
    Or do I change it to the following?
    faction Kings_of_Leon, comfortable caesar

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    Default Re: descr_strat question

    I believe you would leave the highlighted text the same. You're really only changing the name displayed for romans_julii from "Julii" to "Kings of Leon". The game will still be looking for romans_julii, gauls, dacia, etc, for the FactionType.

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