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Thread: When will we see first great mod?

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    when will we see mod of new type of civilization such as koreans or mongols? i know people are working on map but i want to see new types of soldiers and country using similar gaming engine.
    is there a way to make the soldier graphics better - a little larger and more identifiable??
    so we have to wait for next year when ea will provide engine for mods or can people do now and when??

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    This question would be best directed to the Editing/Mods/Patches forum, but since it's here I might as well answer it

    Altering the unit graphics is currently possible and BanzaiZAP is currently investigating these possibilities. As far as making unit graphics larger, I don't think that's possible without a patch. We have had patches that have improved graphics already, so there may be another.

    Full-scale mods in the style of Civilization II are not yet possible, but work is underway to examine how it could be made possible. Check out the Editing/Mods/Patches forum for more info!

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    For now, these are the projects in development:

    1) New maps (Tosa Inu, Axial, Kreallin, and some others...there is a new post ion this forum...check it out.)

    2) Map Editor (rob)

    3) Logfile Readers (Widda and Magyar Khan)

    4) Unofficial Patch (me, rob, Yamaga and Kreallin)

    These are the projects in vitro.

    New news on everyone of them soon.

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    also, read the new news on there is some new info on mods from the creators, also on the patch.

    terazawa credits me with being on the patch team, but i'm actually not hardly. i may help them test some theories and betas or help in other small ways but i'm not a coder per se and it's mostly their work, not mine. i'm pretty much a map maker, not a mod editor.

    also, i'll be leaving on vacation as soon as i'm done looking at the boards today. i'll be back around the first of the year. have fun



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