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Thread: Roman reenactment groups

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    Default Roman reenactment groups

    Hello everybody,
    I'd like to know if there are other people here involved in roman, celtic or other ancient cultures reenactment groups. I belong to one of these. It's a group based on Tarragona and we recreate the Imperial Tarraco of the first century AD. In this group some people recreate civilians (governor, lictors, equestrians, peregrini, etc) and a some other recreate the legionaries (one of them its me ). We are supposed to be the cohort vexillatio of the Legio VII Gemina that was appointed to Tarraco to protect the Governor. In Catalonia there are at least 4 more groups. Two of them also recreate roman legionaries (The Prima Legio Germanica and the Septimania Seniores, both in Tarragona, as well) and ther other two focuse on Iberian culture and are based on two iberian settlements. For the rest of Hispania, I know at least two other groups. The first one recreate a celtiberian group and is based on Numantia (near today Soria). The other one recreates a late roman legion of the IV century AD and is located in Irun, I think.
    PS 1- If I learn how to attach pictures here, I will attach some ones, dressed with the lorica segmentata, the gladius, pilum and scutum
    PS 2- This post is not related with EB mod. I know. Sorry for this
    PS 3 and last. Visit Tarragona next weekend. We celebrate the "Tarraco Viva" festival. Two other roman reenactment groups are invited. A cohorts equitata from Belgium and the Legio VI Victrix from Germany. You will see a roman camp with some 12 legionary and centurio tents, and 40-50 first century AD legionaries in action!!!

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    Default Re: Roman reenactment groups

    For attaching pictures to post look at this thread.


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