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Thread: Dont let this mod die

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    Default Dont let this mod die

    This mod is dying, we need more members

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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    I think its just gone quite, because people are skinning and so on.
    'He who strikes the first blow, if he strikes it hard enough, may need to strike no more'.

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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    I think its just gone quite, because people are skinning and so on.
    I agree.

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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    I am working hard to do some of they shield thingies
    It was not theirs to reason why,
    It was not theirs to make reply,
    It was theirs but to do or die.
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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    [QUOTE=kreig]This mod is dying

    as any mod (not including rtr)
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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    How many mods have actually been finished other than RTR?

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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    You will probably find that the answer is almost zero.

    Mod's take a long time to develop, and only the really commited should try. It is not just about making a few news skins and a new skeleton or two. Its actually about getting into the whole period and getting behind the the front screens to create something that is good and looks nice.

    I would suggest this is going to take a very long time to develop, as we only have a limited knowledge of how Rome works. The planning/ organization is the main thing that will make a mod work or crumble.

    Im a Wolves fan, get me out of here......

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    Default Re: Dont let this mod die

    well uhm tsin empire has been completed but then again that's not a complete conversion :(
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