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    hi everyone. Im still trying to change te normal course of the game. those anyone know how to make the rome (the only senate city) a slave city??. i have tryed in descr_strat to change the senate settlement and from de senate faction to the slave one, but it ignored me. I tryed to move the settlement to slave and eliminate the senate, but the game didint let me start a campaign. My real objective is to randomize the course of the game, is there any way that i can do this??? make the senate disapere??? make romans weeker than other factions???
    Apart of the faction you play with, all the others have the same destiny every time you start a campaign. Scipii destry carthage, julii destroy north tribes and brutii destroy greece and macedon. I realy want to face other factions for the final resault of the game.
    Can enybody help me???

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    You just need to cut rome from the senate faction, and paste it into the end of the city list for the slave faction, then delete the file called map.rwm from the ' \Data\world\maps\base\ ' folder

    The other thing that you need to do is move the senate army which starts in rome to a different tile, by changing the x and y coordinates at the end of the general's trait list. You really only need to change either the x or the y by one, just make sure that it is not the same tile as one of teh other senate armies, or another map feature. - The reason that it seemed to ignore you before was that the senate army immediately captured rome at the beginning of the game, and therefore did not die.
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