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    Default editing a faction

    i wanted to know how to edit say britian to be a new faction. what all do i have to do to do this.

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    This is really a loaded question ;) far do you want to go.

    There is a good tutorial on how to change the faction name. You need to make changes in 3 text files and that does that. The units are unchanged....all it changes is the faction name:

    Now...if you wanted to change the faction flags, that can be done too. I think there is also a tutorial for that.

    Finally....there are the units themselves. If you want to change them, you can change the shapes ( need 3DS Max ) the textures ( good paint program ) or the stats ( edit the unit data in the text files )

    Ultimately, you cannot add a new faction. There is a fixed limit of 21 ( 20 plus slaves ) but you can change just about EVERYTHING else!
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