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Thread: can we make other non mongol soldiers?

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    is anyone out there working on making different soldiers such as Greeks or napoleonic and how soon can we see these battles? do you have to wait for this mongol expansion pack to give some kind of battle editor that we can create our own soldiers from or can people here make new battles/wars on their own? again why don't we alll just decide to pool our resources and make ONE MOD related to ONE WAR such as Romans or Greeks??????

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    Good question.


    Unit editing is darn difficult. We are undergoing a project (me, rob, yamaga, tosa inu etc) to make an unofficial patch to arrange units up.

    And editor would be tricky because lost of network mistmatches and cheating is no good.

    Some new units or mods? first we find unit data then we'll see.

    Many would love it though.

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    Unit graphics can be edited quite easily, as far a I know, though it does require artistic ability, of which I have none .

    Unit attributes are a lot more difficult.

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