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Thread: History of the Scipii Legions

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    Default History of the Scipii Legions

    Hi guys, finally managed to register here although I've been visiting this forum for a long time. Anyway, I finally started a new campaign which I've held back for a few months. The theme is stories of each legion created in my campaign as the Scipii. So basically I'll be taking notes and keep track of which legions I have and so on, their beginning, their end, their battles, their leaders, their enemies, etc.

    I started a few stories already enjoy.

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    Talking Re: History of the Scipii Legions

    good tales, not the best in details but fair enough.
    a historian in past lives i assume?
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    Default Re: History of the Scipii Legions

    Thanks! Hehehe, I love to read books about anything Roman. I'll get an update going on the campaign story.

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    Default Re: History of the Scipii Legions

    i like the site Virtute71. You have some very good stories there. nice screens to support them


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