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    I downloaded a Web Kit (twwebkit) under RTW>art and i was wondering if any f the things in the package are the emblem for TW with the moving flames behind it. I was realy wondering if anyone had gotten the OK from TW (official) i was wanting to make sure it is safe to use them on my website.

    Thank You
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    ?????does anyone know if it is legal for me to put them on my site....???

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    I'm sure it will be ok.

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    ya i'm sure they wont care
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    They wouldn't put the emblem (sp?) on the internet, if they didn't want it to be used. Go ahead and use it.

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    Yeah I figured as much but i didn't want the official "Total War" community to get pissed off about it.

    thnx guys
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    Vanya sez... if you not charge money for access to your site, there should be no problem. If you charge, then game maker may want a piece of da action or at least the privilege of allowing you to do so. Unless you are saying great things about them... all sunny sunshine youz know...? Then they might not care anyways.

    But, this may be wrong. Maybe a lawyer here can answer better...?

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