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Thread: multiplayer problems

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    Default multiplayer problems

    i keep getting this "cannot join game GS" thing, or, "no response from host"

    any ideas?

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    Default Re: multiplayer problems

    unfortunately this is mostly due to Gamespy being really rather lame. try playing in the competitive lobby, i allways get much better connections in there.
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    Default Re: multiplayer problems

    Im afraid its just Gs. Gs is just generely bad. Sorry to disapoint you.

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    Default Re: multiplayer problems

    its not you, its G**spy. **GameSpy! **

    its completey random, for example, i could always join nihlistcics ( i dont know your name i just call you cow) somedays, and others i cant!

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    Default Re: multiplayer problems

    It's NihilisticCow.... it's not that hard.......

    As for the topic, I've noticed the problem is worst when Gamespy is busy, so as Wishazu suggested, use one of the other lobbies when friendly is very busy and see if it is any better.
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    Default Re: multiplayer problems

    i find that it is easier to join in competitive or the chat lobby
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    Default Re: multiplayer problems

    yup true Gamespy is really bad .. very hard to connect when theres alot of people try going to competitive or chat lobby to play it would be a little easier :D

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    Unhappy Re: multiplayer problems

    Quote Originally Posted by [seminoles]shadow
    i find that it is easier to join in competitive or the chat lobby

    yes its always best to go chat or competitive!!!
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