Or, to be porecise.... how to make a new thrown weapon.

Been looking at the text files trying to figure out how to make a new thrown weapon. I wanted a sort of throwing 'axe', but I wanted it to be visible when thrown.

I found some definitions in missile_new text file, including what looked to be an axe. This was NOT a visible shape as such, but just a triangle. OK at a push...but not really what I wanted.

I made a new model, and used a copy of the sling bullet portion of the text file and added my new model in. Then I changed the text in the Hastati unit to throw 'axe' instead of javelins before charging in.

Nothing crashed....but then, it never actually displayed my model....just the 'triangle'

My change had some effect, since the javelins were not thrown now ( apart from the throwing animation! )

This leads me to think I need to edit another file somewhere!!! Anyone know which one ??