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Thread: Hellenic:Total War for RTW engine?

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    Question Hellenic:Total War for RTW engine?

    Hi. I'm new to all this modding and stuff(I don't even know how to mod!), but I was wondering, is it possible to make Hellenic:Total War for the new Rome:Total War engine?

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    At the moment we are inactive, there are a couple of mods already in progress on the Hellenic period.
    I know some teammembers of the former Gerousia are working with them.
    I fear HTW will have no sequel, but I feel comfort in the fact that HTW for MTW:VI is still a damn good mod and was fun to make.
    We hope we gave many hours of extended gameplay fun to the TW community.
    I will try to keep the support and site open as long as possible.


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    OK thanks a lot. The only problem is is that I never managed to get to play Hellenic:Total War! Good Luck with your donations!
    By the way, if it is posssible, do you mind giving me the name of the mods that are being set in the Hellenic period (Sorry it's just that you said there were a couple)? Thank you!


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