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    Friends, Romans, countrymen...
    I'm new to this forum, (as you may be able to tell from my profile which has "n00b" written all over it) but not to Total War. I've been playing the game since Shogun (pre-warlord ed!) with love of the middle-ages & good 'ol combat.
    MTW is by far my favorite and so I commend you who are more computer savy than I and have made all of the fantastic mods I now enjoy.

    HOWEVER! It is time we reached higher as a community, why not reconcile the great ideas from as many mods as possible into one MASTER MTW MOD? With every new faction, every new province, every new unit (within reason, and without overlap), buildings, religions, strategic/diplomatic piece, etc!
    I know NOTHING about modding! But congregating all pre-existing modded files into one mod seems a simple matter of cut and paste (or maybe I'm just ignorant). I am powerless & ignorant in this so I must be contented with calling all of you to crusade.
    I'm willing to do the organization/concept design. I could coordinate efforts and communication. But first I will wish you godspeed.

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    Default Re: Mod to end all Mods

    HMM, might work. It would not be easy though, best to learn to mod before you start.

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    Napoleonic musketeers standing side by side with No-Dachi samurais to defeat the evil Orks...Bwhaha would be fun ...
    Abandon all hope.

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    Sorry to break your dreams but it's not possible...
    MODs such as XL already reached the game limits, plus as there aren't that many variables to play with many units would be just clones...

    That's why i'm going the opposite way with the ZX MOD, aiming at obtaining more variety by having less units per faction (AKA use the MTV+VI roster in a creative way)...
    The best is yet to come.
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    I have thought about this for the past few weeks and it would be possible to a limited extent. This is my idea:
    You wouldn't be able to have seperate campaigns (i.e. HTW, METW, NTW) due to the limit for unit graphics and texture/backdrop graphics, and sfx.
    BUT, you could have a faction for each era. For example, Bronze Age faction (with Chariots, etc.) Hellenic age faction, (with Hoplites, Peltasts,) Roman age (with Principes, Gauls) etc.
    I would think for each faction you could have one general unit, one cavalry unit, two infantry units, one archer unit, and one artillery unit. I could plan today how this would work, so you could fit in everything from the Bronze Age to the late Byzantines to Feudal Japan to Napoleon.
    You would also be able to mod the music for each individual faction and, of course, shields/flags.
    I don't think this would work for a campaign, but I can't imagine how fun a mulitplayer battle would be (your ancient chariots and infantry charging up against 18th century british line infantry, while getting flanked by Mongol warriors and Uruk hai!)
    Awen ha ni?


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