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Thread: Can't save during prologue?

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    Default Can't save during prologue?

    I introduced my friend to RTW about a week ago. He's playing prologue and says the "save" and "load" buttons in the menu are blanked out. Did anyone else have that kind of problem?

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    You're not able to save in the Prologue for the first few turns.
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    Default Re: Can't save during prologue?

    I think it's around 10 turns.

    From technical point of view, game needs to finish some "script" before it allows you to save.
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    Default Re: Can't save during prologue?

    I thinks it because you must capture the rebel town first, after that you might be able to save. For me I got the vanilla 1.1 because of the unlimited time I get to type the cheat in.

    Anyway if you don't like playing the prologue he can always mod the preference for the "first time play" into false.
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    Default Re: Can't save during prologue?

    The proloug was the worst 30 minutes of my life. No seriousley.

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    Default Re: Can't save during prologue?

    I played the prologue for a while when I first bought the game. I kept thinking it would seamlessly go into the main campaign. Only now do I realize how ludicrous it is to use RTW and "seamless" in one sentence.
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