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    I) The form:

    LeGenDs will be held in 3vs3.
    *Legends will be held in the form of a championship made up of four formed hens each one of 4 teams. Will be followed from there final phases to determine the winners.
    *Lors of the first phase (out of hen) of confrontations will take place between all the members of the same hen. The matches will take the form of a confrontation in two matches return ticket.
    *The division of the points will be made so that: 3 points for the winner if this one gained the two matches, 1 point by team in the event of equality. *If of the equalities appears at the end of the regular phase between the teams of a hen, the particular results will be taken in compte*.
    *If of the equalities persists, of the matches of supports will take place between the first to define their final place.
    *The formation of hens for the first phase will be done by drawing of lots when the 16 participants are registered.
    *The distribution of the places for the quarterfinal will be done as follows:

    1°pouleA- 1°pouleB- 1°pouleC- 1°pouleD
    2°pouleA -2°pouleB- 2°pouleC- 2°pouleD

    II) Rules of battle:

    *12500 sums of money by players is 37500 per team
    *The battles will be held in flat or slightly undulating ground (see the allotted maps)
    *The artillery is limited to a unit per team * Only one “Roman” by team (the four Roman families are regarded as only one faction)
    *The use of the elephants is authorized
    *The use of the ignited arrows is authorized
    *The use of the Egyptian faction is prohibited
    *ATTENTION: To prevent the too massive use of the cavalry a limit of 18 units per team is forced (will be regarded as “cavalry”: camels, elephants, tanks… are excluded from the denomination “cavalry” the units of assembled gunners…)
    *The part will be played out of free camera
    *The choice of the season, of the moment of the battle and the weather is left free for the host team.
    *The lasted of the part will be limited has 1h30.

    III) Problems of connection:

    * Compared to the problems of installation of the battle:
    * The two teams will agree on the date of the meeting by the means of the forum intended for the tournament. Breadths all players once sunken on the part will choose their respective factions and this in turn
    * In the case of a disconnection: if the two teams agree on the exit of the battle, the result will then be recorded like such, if the two teams agree to recognize that the exit was dubious the match will be with re-play immediately. Finally if there is dissension: the screenshot and the replays will be taken by mow organizers of the tournament (the appointed SoF members) as of the evidence on which they will be able to support their judgement and to designate the winner.
    * If the match at the beginning of this one presents signs of “lag”, it will be possible, in the event of agreement of the two teams, of rehoster the part with like single condition: the recovery by the two armies of the same units.

    IV) Details:
    *ATTENTION: The Legends tournament with for goal to animate the activity of the international community of the players of Rome total war. It is a competition which must keep values of friendship and gathering. Any behavior considered to be contrary with the spirit of the play by the organizers could be the object of a judgment, and in the most serious cases of a pure and simple exclusion.
    *For any complaint a subject will be especially open on the forum dedicated to the tournament.
    *The preceding rules can be supplemented by the players if a common decision before the confrontation is decided. That known as in the event of litigation in fact the rules stated above will make act of law.
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    im not trying to be funny but am i the only one who didnt quite understand this message?
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    lol no u are not alone wishazu
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    Ahahah I'm french is difficult of speak english
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