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Thread: Adding new units for first time

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    Default Adding new units for first time

    Having tinkered with the stats of a few units, I'd like to make it possible for the Carthaginians and Seleucids to train ballista units. How do I do this? I've managed to produce a Seleucid ballista unit in a custom battle, but I don't know how to change the unit cards or have archery ranges train ballistas.

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    To have the archery train ballistas have a look in the file called export_descr_buildings.

    For unit cards, you need to unpack your pak files using Vercingetorix's xpak programme. You will find the unit cards in a folder called UI\units

    You then need to create a new folder called Rome - Total War\Data\UI\units\seleucid\ and put the unit card you want to use for the Seleucid ballista inside.
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