This programme aired on an Irish station this evening at 7pm.I wasn't able to watch as i was working but we had it on in the back-ground and i saw some interesting things.I have recorded it and will watch it tomorrow and report on it then.

I noticed 2 things.One was an artists impression, based on what i do not know of ,the center of Carthage itself.The arcitecture was kind of Greco-Phonecian and i must say was quite breath-taking.I will describe it after watching it again.
The other thing i noticed was that they kept showing us an actual canal and then a drawing of a city with a canal going through it.I gathered from this(no sound remember) that they were saying that Carthage had a canal running through its' center.
I cannot wait to watch this programme as Carthage was my favourite city of ancient times,followed by Rome then Athens(although i admired the Spartan culture).