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Thread: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

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    Question Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    When fighting warhounds, why do the attack command only apply to the trainers? Its the dogs that are a threat, but you can't attack them in any way, except by ordering your units to move "through" them, so they get in close combat. This removes any charge bonus and makes it a royal pain to fight these mutts

    Even if your rout the trainers and they leave the battle map, it just says "this unit has left the battlefield" when you hover the mouse over the dogs.

    I do have 1.2 by the way.

    I apologize if this has been brought up before, but i checked the forums and i can't seem to find it (no search feature?!).

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    Default Re: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    this old, you can only kill dogs when they attack you

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    Default Re: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    It's really annoying - I agree. The best thing you can do (if you have phalanx-units) is to line up and kill the doggies as they come. Don't let them into your back ranks.

    Or do as I do - disable the dogs completely. This does weaken the barbarian factions a bit, so maybe you should compensate them a bit.
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    Default Re: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    I don't see that much problem with them. I must say that they are quite powerful though for the upkeep. ALso, they are good for nerfing cav charges.

    Best to maul them with phalanxes. However, this is quite ironic as the original use of the hounds was to break shield walls.

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    Default Re: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    Theres another nasty trick to pull. If they hit an elite/Well armoured unit you can usually let them stand there and slaughter the puppies. If it's a unit that will take heavy losses you can withdraw and once they cross that redline they are untouchable butttttttttt the wardogs follow the unit they were targeted at. The other trick is to put them in front of a good unit and run them through and the dogs get tied up to that new unit but will still try to get to its original target.

    Dirty fricken Romans unleashed 400 dogs on me then withdrew thier army.

    Kinda ticked me off to the A.I. using an exploit like that
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    Default Re: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    Ouch - i've never seen the ai use an exploit but i'd like to, not much chance though as i don't play vanillia rtw (accidentally overwrote folder with rtr, forgot to backup, i'll have to reinstall when bi comes out :( )
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    Default Re: Warhounds - horribly bugged?

    Quote Originally Posted by oaty
    Dirty fricken Romans unleashed 400 dogs on me then withdrew thier army.

    Clever bastards


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