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Thread: help with texturing please!

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    Question help with texturing please!

    when i save my textures in photoshop and run the game, their equipment is all surrounded by black and the shields are not cut out etc. how do i fix this to have my units look like they should?

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    You need to edit the alpha channel in photoshop, so go to the channels tab at the bottom right of the screen and select the alpha channel, you need to black out the unneeded bits round the edge of the shield and feathers. Look at some of the originals for examples.

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    facekid, I often get the same problem, but actually, I never found out how to solve it. I eventually sent it to another modder who sorted it for me, sorry I can't help, but welcome to the forums

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    thanks, i'll try doing that.

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    It could be that you're not editing the alpha channels, but it could also be that you're not saving it in a version that supports alpha files. Follow this tutorial here for 3D textures.
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